Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Conference News Roundup: Free Airport WiFi Locator and 3 More Posts You Should Read

Some great things are happening in the conference and trade show world, in spite of the worries that the government shutdown has brought for many in the industry. 

Here's a roundup of some of the most intriguing posts we found around the web in the last few weeks. 

Save Money on Airport WiFi

businessman searches for airport wifi
Image source: freedigitalphotos.net
OK, we're probably not going to pick our flight based on the WiFi availability at the airport, but Jaunted has created a really great map that shows you which airports offer free Wi-fi. Check it out here. It just might save you $20 on WiFi someday! A hat tip to the Meetings and Conventions blog for sharing the link.

Jaunted, by the way, is a cool resource for travelers and offers a lot of great articles and tips for the frequent traveler, from the latest on pet travel fees to what it's like onboard the Concord. 

Taking Gamification to the Event App

Those of you who have struggled to get traction with event apps should take note of this. 
QuickMobile has launched a Gamification module for its single event app. CEO Patrick Payne told Meetings and Conventions  that the module can be set up and configured easily by the meeting planners. 

These gamification techniques can help event planners drive people to other social accounts, gather content such as reviews and photos, and create a deeper experience for attendees. This could go a long way in getting more events to use apps, rather than paper, and also to get attendees to actually use the apps. 

Great New Mobile Gadgets

Looking for some cool new gadgets? The Event Manager Blog featured a cool rundown on some awesome new event-ready mobile devices in September. From mobile WiFi devices to iPad accessories, this post will probably have you heading to Amazon.com. 

We love the mini-projector highlighted, but the lifestream broadcaster looks intriguing as well. 

Survey Shows Marketers Still Prefer the Face-to-Face Event

Finally, there's this. In the age of remote everything, Cvent highlights recent surveys that show that, for B2B marketers, face-to-face networking and sales is still their preferred method. We especially like the point that "online interaction can't replace in-person meetings," but in fact my spur them.

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