Friday, October 25, 2013

6 Ways to Save On Your Event AV Budget

Part of an effective event planning is making sure to stay within the boundaries of your budget, and one way to fall short of this goal is by wasting money on unnecessary AV rental equipment. Here are six ways that you can minimize your AV costs in order to maximize your profits.

These tips can help your to save more money on your AV costs so you can get back to what’s really important – planning successful events for your clients.

6 Ways to Save on Your AV Budget

1) Ask!

It never hurts to ask the pros where to make some cuts in your plan. We might know some simple ways to trim some bells and whistles without a dramatic impact on your event.

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2) Find an all-inclusive provider.

Imagine that you got the best deal on AV rental equipment, computer equipment and IT specialists. There’s only one problem: each deal is with a separate company in a different part of town. Doesn’t sound so great anymore, does it? Renting from a one-stop shop eliminates extra costs and puts all of your resources in one place, which is extremely helpful when something goes wrong.

3) Bring your own extension cords and surge protectors.

This equipment is lightweight and easy to travel with. Depending on the number needed for an event, they may be costly if you need them on demand.

4) Use creative lighting.

Compared to other costs, lighting is relatively inexpensive. However, it can have a dramatic effect on your event.

For example, colored ceiling lights can create an air of drama, elegance or mystery. A dynamic lighting scheme can also help you cut back on other expenses, like tent decorations.

5) Plan for the off-season.

If you’re hosting an event during a vendor's slowest time of year, you may be able to negotiate a discount.

6.  Find a national supplier.

A local supplier can be convenient. But today's convenience can become tomorrow’s nightmare. If you’re in the event planning business, it’s likely you’ll be working with venues that take you far from home base.

Having a reliable, nationwide vendor that can provide a high level of service is not only opportune for your events, it’s also  smart business.

John Dubielak is the Vice President of Operations for Rentfusion, which offers AV rentals, computer rentals, and all manner of equipment for meeting planners, tradeshows, convention hosts, exhibitors and event planners nationwide. Follow Rentfusion on Twitter at @rentfusion and on Linkedin.