Friday, September 6, 2013

Who Still Needs Workstations? And Other Tech Questions Answered

With computer companies packing more power and utility into tiny laptops than we once found in mainframe computers, you may wonder whether there's still a need for us to rent workstations

Mac Pro 12 Core
Workstations remain must-haves for those running advanced software.
Well, the answer is an emphatic yes! 

The workstation is a different animal in the technical world. Users running Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs, video editing, or photo editing often prefer workstations over desktops or laptops. The architecture of the workstation is completely different. The process in which the units compute are vastly different.

They generally have more memory, large graphics displays, and a leading-edge processor.

But enough “tech talk.” In short, a workstation is very high end system used for specific tasks.

Apple vs. Android

With another iPhone update around the corner, the Apple vs. Android debate is heating up again. Not only does this battle rage in the sniping of the smartphone world, but it rages in our marketplace as well. 

There are pros and cons for any system, of course - different software, applications and accessories. For me, the iPad's easy usage has me using more Apple products both in business and in my personal life. So, while there are definitely instances when Android is better, my general vote is for Apple.

A changing Industry

Who could have imagined ten years ago that we would be doing the things we're doing in the meetings and events industry today? From flat-screens to smartphones, wi-fi to the iPad, we work in a world very different than a decade ago. 

Now where are we going? The iPad revolutionized the way we meet, and conferences are still trying to catch up. Wi-fi and mifi devices, laptops, and mobile devices will continue to grow in use, and people will find new ways to use them. 

And what about Google Glass? If it changes our habits in half the ways the iPad has, we're in for some more dramatic changes. It's our job to keep up!

John Dubielak is the Vice President of Operations for Rentfusion, which offers AV rentals, computer rentals, and all manner of equipment for meeting planners, tradeshows, convention hosts, exhibitors and event planners nationwide. Follow Rentfusion on Twitter at @rentfusion and on Linkedin.