Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3 Thoughts from Day 2 of NeoCon 2013

The buzz at Chicago's Merchandise Mart didn't subside on day two of NeoCon 2013, where the best innovators in office design and technology came to show off their latest ideas.

We're there all week providing computers, flat screens, video wall rentals and tablet rentals to the hundreds of exhibitors, but we've also been taking some time to check out the best of the show ourselves - and what a show it is. Nearly 50,000 people will hit the floor over the three-day conference, according to Merchandise Mart officials.

What they're seeing is inspiring re-thinking of what workplaces can be. For those of you who can't be there in person, we give you a few of our favorite take-aways from day two of NeoCon 2013.

3 Thoughts From Day 2 of NeoCon 2013 

1. If you thought there was a limit to what could be done with the office chair, think again. 

There is apparently plenty of room for innovation in the seating realm. Booth after booth featured designs for style, for comfort, for function, and plenty for just plain wackiness.

Your chairs can say a lot about your company, and from what we saw today, there are a lot of different things they can say.
NeoCon chairs
We're not exactly sure the function of these guys, but we do
love the fact that they spin. 

2. More and more businesses are putting a priority on comfort and work environment. 

The competition for high-quality employees is as stiff as ever (just try asking any business owner what their biggest challenge is. Ninety percent will tell you "finding quality people.").

Several people we spoke to said part of getting and keeping great people comes down to desks, chairs, and workspaces. Give them a great place to create, to innovate, and you'll get more creativity - what you're paying them for.

That means stand-up workstations, chairs with all manner of back supports, and meeting spaces that redefine the water cooler.
Who doesn't love siting in a booth? Just combine it with
the office setup.

3. Technology is everywhere. 

We're the official technology partner here, so of course we're biased, but clearly technology has grown from a nice bonus at a trade show booth to a necessity if you want to stand out. We noticed it just walking the floor - whether you're selling flooring, desks, or lighting, the first thing that grabs the eyes of attendees is a video.

What's surprising is how people are using them. Many are simply eye-catchers, with little more than HD screen savers playing. Others have some product images or graphics sliding through, but few actually play video or give a heavy sales pitch.

Instead, the video screens work to stop people for a moment, to pull their eyes into the booth and beg a question. From what we saw today it was working. We'd love to hear from you about how you use video and tech in your trade show booths. Comment below or catch us on Twitter @rentfusion!

Technology filled the floor, but nothing is quite so impressive
as the Merchandise Mart's big shoulders on the Chicago River.