Thursday, May 9, 2013

Why Rent Computers For An Event: 3 Reasons

When you work in the trade show rental industry, you get the following question about computer rentals a lot.

“Why would I rent computer equipment and not buy it?”

We get that from friends and from new acquaintances when we tell them what we do. It’s a fair question, so we figured we’d answer it for everyone here.

There are several reasons people choose to rent from us rather than buy equipment for a trade show, conference, or event. Surprisingly, it’s not about money. Renting computer equipment has many advantages.

3 Reasons to Rent Computers for Your Event

1. It’s easy

Image mapping rental laptopsWhen you rent equipment, there’s no fear of your employees lugging incompatible equipment to a training or a show. This means no worrying about losing or breaking incredibly valuable hardware.

We configure it so it works with the local WiFi connection.

We image-map your equipment with the exact specifications you request, whether that’s more space, faster speed, or software.

We handle the glitches. If something isn’t working, we get you something that will or we fix it, right there. Your work isn’t delayed for minutes or hours as you troubleshoot, that’s our job.

2. The test run

Maybe you want to get Macbooks for your staff, or switch to a new tablet. But if you go straight to buying you can make an expensive mistake. Now, if you have a big training for the staff, a test run with a product can tell you a lot about how your employees will embrace the new technology.

3. You save money on computer rentals

No, it’s not always cheap, but it’s a lot less expensive than buying a few dozen laptops for your staff to train on. But it’s not just large trainings that give you a chance to save money. Many of our customers just want to rent ipads for their booth to collect email addresses. It’s a heck of a lot easier than entering them in from a piece of paper after the show!

Finally, if you’re just doing one or two shows a year, there’s no sense in making a huge outlay on equipment that will only pay back over years and may be obsolete before it does. By renting, your display can grow with your company and evolve with each show, which means you don’t have to rig old technology to work where it shouldn’t.

John Dubielak of Rentfusion
John Dubielak is the Vice President of Operations for Rentfusion, which offers AV rentals, computer rentals, and all manner of equipment for meeting planners, tradeshows, convention hosts, exhibitors and event planners nationwide. Follow Rentfusion on Twitter at @rentfusion and on Linkedin.