Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Make Some Noise - 16 Event Promotion Tips

If you work in the events and meetings industry, you've been there - you drive yourself into the ground to create an exciting event, make a big announcement to publicize, and then...nothing.

Registrations trickle in, you get a little initial press, but the buzz dies down. What now?

Fortunately there are more avenues to get the word out on your event than ever before. Andy Crestodina, the content marketing mastermind at Orbit Media Studios, wrote a great post last month for the MPI Tech Conference blog about how you can use email and social media to get the word out.

His post, 16 Event Promotion Tips, is a simple, fantastic guide for event promotors. Our favorite?

In email marketing - Use subject lines, (and headlines) that inspire awe or anxiety. Studies show that subject lines that have lukewarm emotional content are less likely to be opened. “10 things you’ll miss if you aren’t at this event."

There's a lot of other great ideas for using social media, blogs, your website, your connections and of course - your email list - to keep people talking about your event. Check out the rest of his post here for a great event promotion starter kit.