Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How Mobile Is Changing the Conference World

This is a guest post from Anthony Krumeich of Bloodhound

Mobile devices and apps are revolutionizing the trade show and conference experience.

Ten years ago business cards were the best and most efficient way of exchanging information between attendees and exhibitors. Technology was just entering the trade show floor as a way to liven up an exhibit, and the majority, if not all, of conference interaction happened only at the event.

Doug holds a cell phone using a Bloodhound app for events and tradeshows.

At today’s conferences it's easy to be blown away by just how much has changed. Improving technology and the enormous growth in social media and mobile devices has revolutionized both the day-to-day operations of conferences, as well as how the people at these events interact before, during and after the show.

The changes of the last decade have only changed the landscape of trade shows and conferences for the better.

We've swapped out expensive, weighted sales pamphlets with a digital download right to an attendees email address. This not only ensures that your potential sales leads do not lose the information that is important to developing a deeper relationship, but provides the perfect setup for following up with these leads once the show has come to a close.

In fact, with the many convention and trade show applications and mobile-specific social websites that are available to attendees and exhibitors today, it has never been easier to connect with people at a conference and get more from your trade show experience.

We designed the Bloodhound mobile application specifically with trade show attendees and exhibitors in mind. We wanted to simplify their event experience and ensure that they have all of information they need for the event right in their pocket. This includes a list of all of exhibitors who will be in attendance, a map of the trade show floor, and even a list of special events that will be taking place throughout the conference.

It’s also integrated with your personal LinkedIn and Facebook profiles so that you can exchange your information with exhibitors and attendees at a click of a button.

Bloodhound is just one small example of how mobile devices are changing the shape of trade shows and conferences for the better. Using mobile devices in place of expensive paper products or sales pamphlets can also help your company become more eco-friendly at events and save lots of money on printing and paper costs.

Between exchanging business cards, handing out sales paperwork, and looking over event handouts, the convention and trade show industry has long been a huge waste of paper. Today you can use your mobile devices to eliminate nearly all of this wasted paper while creating more direct connections.

Have you seen firsthand any other ways in which mobile devices are changing the landscape of trade shows and conferences? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Anthony Krumeich from Bloodhound
Anthony Krumeich is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bloodhound. Bloodhound is a free mobile application for events such as trade shows and conferences that begins “where a directory leaves off.” We get the right people to the right places faster, helping them decide who to meet, what to do, and where to go.