Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Optimizing Mobile Apps for Events

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere today - including trade shows.

Instead of competing with them for attention, there are more trends to develop mobile technologies simply to maintain pace with competitors as consumers become more responsive to the mobile marketplace. Trade show marketers should learn to emphasize their mobile friendliness by making sure their page's content is easily accessible, understandable to consumers, and has capacity to accept mobile payments.

Mobile Trade Show Trends 

Trade show marketers must recognize the impact emerging mobile trends will have on sales performance and adapt to them, in all functions, from check-in to event-information to subsequent  networking information following the event.  Some important trade show trends in the mobile space include:

  • Complete mobile optimization - Most important is expanding apps to integrate optimization of mobile marketing and communication, intelligently directing users to the most appropriate mobile page. Product offers and event information are optimized by access to helpful, relevant keywords, metatags, and page-titles for ready identification, bookmarking and sharing.  Enhanced discovery for social-site searching is essential and can be combined with social sharing functionality, particularly for the special offer coding initiatives surfacing among recent trade show trends.
  • Mobile lead generation and drip marketing - Use social media and similar mobile formats for lead generation among trade show participants.  Form-derived data of consumer responses can be acquired for qualification processing, either from your booth or with mobile consumer access of your website.  
    • After collecting this data, you can also use autoresponder networking about your products. Once show leads are transferred to your automated marketing system, future drip campaigns can be initiated. Contact developed through in-person or mobile conferencing can lead to relationships long afte the show.
  • Customize Apps - Devise and release personalized mobile apps pertinent to your business and product, so consumers can access your specific enterprise content anywhere.  
Your capacity for advertising multiplies exponentially with apps for tablets and smart-phones as well as devices that interactively engage potential buyers whether or not they are onsite at the show.  Mobile audience-polling apps stimulate dialogue and offer data about your products and services. It also provides customized messages consumers can use as a source point for further dialogue with you and with others about you, growing your market and your sales.

Leveraging mobile technology is essential in marketing your products and services today.