Tuesday, January 8, 2013

3 Steps to Planning A Successful Show

Getting organized for your trade shows is critical to success. Here's an exhibitor task checklist to help you stay ahead of the deadlines.

Step 1: Choose your shows carefully

This includes considering how the trade show fits into your marketing strategy and budget. Read trade show contract, making notes of due dates, payment terms, etc.

Step 2: Determine your exhibit's needs and objectives. 

Select your primary vendors - the exhibit house, transport company  supply renter, installation/dismantle supplier. Review your exhibit to decide if it needs a new design or upgrade. Develop your sales plan. Identify promotions and/or giveaway items. Produce the literature and marketing materials for the show.

Step 3: Plan and Execute

Two Months Before

  • Creating this handy binder will help in planning out your event months in advance. That binder includes:
  • Copies of all orders and checks for services paid in advance
  • Phone numbers of all vendors
  • Insurance documents
  • Engineering certificate for exhibit
  • Shipping manifest
  • Return shipping labels
  • Additional badge forms

A Few Weeks Before

  • Finalize exhibit and booth designs
  • Plan in-office pre-show meeting
  • Organize and ready travel plans to venue
  • Prepare paperwork and submit orders for various services and rentals
  • Confirm installation and dismantling schedules

Upon Arrival At Show

  • Check with venue about reservations for staff, as well as any meeting rooms and catering.  
  • Supervise the booth setup.
  • Hold a pre-show briefing with staff to be sure everyone is on the same page before the start of the show.

During Event

  • Plan on reserving a space for next year. 
  • Check in with your staff daily during the trade show. 
  • Finalize arrangements for dismantling your booth and shipping. 
  • Supervise booth dismantling. 

After The Show

  • Planning your event doesn't end after the last vendor packs up and leaves the venue. 
  • Create time to organize and handle the leads you've collected from the event.
  • Don't forget to send thank you notes anyone that's helped you with your successful event.
  • Keep the ball rolling by planning out the next show.

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What other items would you add to these event checklists?