Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Year Ahead at Rentfusion

Despite the sluggish economy and curtailed customer budgets in 2012, Rentfusion demonstrated consistent growth in our year over year revenues.

We attribute this to the state of the art technology found in our diverse products. Rentfusion constantly updates this vast inventory pool with high demand rental products. It's our laser sharp focus on customer requirements that keeps us ahead of the demands of our clients. Above all, a fully committed and dedicated team of sales and technical staff helps provide our customers with the very best service.

Growth in the Space and in Relationships

Rentfusion’s strategic alliances with both manufacturers as well as sub contractors enable us to offer our customers a true one stop solution for all their short term rental requirements. You can count on these partnerships to continue to grow through the upcoming year.

Our recent move to our newest location in Chicago is not only a necessary convenience for its relative distance to trade show and conference spaces, but the increase in space helps us keep our inventory close at hand for our clients. We also see the move as an investment in our future growth.

Mobile and More in the Future

The coming year will see a slew of new products being launched at Rentfusion. Newest technologies incorporating latest operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 8 are in the acquisition list. We also have brands like NEC and Dell products featured in the new year.

We can see a high demand for more mobile computing in the upcoming year. Many new tablets and mobile computing devices powered by Apple OS and Android are on order. We expect the Apple iPad Mini and the Windows Surface to be very popular at trade shows this year. By looking at the trends of 2012, we can also see a successful 2013