Monday, January 18, 2010

Un-Burn a Plasma

Do you have a Plasma that has a Ghost or Shadow of TV programs passed? As scary as it is its pretty easy to fix. The quickest way to fix this problem is a simple white screen. Locate the computer input on your monitor *if you have one* and connect your laptop or desktop using a standard VGA cable. Next go to Start - Accessories - Paint. Once paint opens go to Image - Attributes, here a window will appear with the size of the image simply type 1600 x 1200 in the appropriate fields. This is to make sure the background will be large enough. Last go to View - View Bitmap and move your cursor off the screen. Now, I have seen this take up to 48hrs to completely un-burn, so be patient, after all its better alternative than purchasing a new plasma.

The white will actual burn in the rest of the screen, erasing the nasty Ghost or Shadow. Stay Tuned for more help information on Computer and Audio Visual products from Your source for Computer and Audio Visual Rentals.