Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Large Format Touch Screen Monitors

With the introduction of Microsoft Windows 7 and Hewlett Packard's Touchsmart, all signs are pointing to a new input device - Touchscreens
Touchscreen monitors; use your finger as the input device instead of a mouse or keyboard. A touchscreen input is the same as a mouse or keyboard, most people already have used this technology on a day to day basis with ATM's or Self Check outs at stores.

Rentfusion carries multiple sizes of touchscreens from 15" all the way to 42". Also do not forget that our Stealth Internet Kiosk and Tablet PC's both have integrated touchscreens as well. All available for Rental at all locations nationwide. Touchscreen rentals Touch screen rentals.

Applications are endless, from simply controlling Microsoft Windows to the advanced user menus and selections. No special software is required, other than a simple driver, that is provide by Rentfusion, so setup is easy and fast. You can even add a Rental Laptop or Rental Desktop Computer from Rentfusion for a full turn key solution.

Always remember Rentfusion for your Audio Visual and Computer Rental needs.