Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stealth Computer Kiosk

Sleek and contemporary computer kiosks from Rentfusion can be used for numerous events or functions. Whether it is in your VIP area for internet and printing boarding passes or Cyber CafĂ© for people to check there email, Rentfusion Stealth Internet Kiosk provide the versatility to meet your needs for your next Tradeshow or Corporate event. With full wireless G capability and DVD/CDRW support, and the IBM S50 PC Desktop driving the 17” touch screen LCD monitor, you will leave your mark on attendees and exhibitors alike.

Since these units are driven by a standard computer, you have the option to load or extract your content via CD, DVD, USB Drive, or Network. The Stealth Kiosk has standard 3 different input devices; a Trackball, the soft touch keyboard, or the 17” touch screen. Card readers and other inputs can be added for even more refined audiences.

Rentfusion has these units available and in-stock at all our locations nationwide!