Sunday, March 9, 2008


So what is this buzz all about Seamless Panel video wall rentals at events and tradeshows? Why are smart exhibitor companies flocking to Rentfusion Audio Visual Rental Company to reserve a video wall rental for their next Event?

For One, there are two strong and undeniable fundamental reasons to this recent trend.
For many years now, exhibit booths needs requiring a very large display to attract trade show foot traffic to their booth was limited to renting standard plasma or LCD display or consider the very ineffective option of bulky indoor LED video wall cubes. The plasma and LCD option put a very low bar on the size of the display, typically maxed out at 60" or less. Just not big Enough! Some rental companies have offered the poor man's video wall rental option of combining multiple plasma displays to give a fake sense of providing a video wall. Frankly, if you are on a low budget, you are way better off renting just 1 Plasma or LCD for your booth than wasting money on a so called botched up video wall. Why fake you say? The clear visible distinguishing factor (amongts host of others) is the thickness of these unsightly bezels on these plasma's taking away from the image you want your exhibitors to see. The bezels are wide enough and Black or Silver enough to cause a huge distraction to the viewers from your fousing on the displayed image. Imagine going to a movie theater and watching a movie where the screen has multiple wide bars all accross and up and down on the screen hindering your view. Thats No Good. Just no Good at all. You may as well be watching the movie on your home TV set. The other option of the indoor LED wall - Well, Amongst countless negatives - what stands out are the huge installation expenses due to hours on end to move and install these bulky cubes in place and then, the anticlimax of having to compromise with poor resolution. Way too poor resolution for todays High Definition outputting super laptops and DVD players.

This new technology of Seamless Plasma Panel Video wall rental not only eliminates both the sub par options, they redifine the tradeshow exhibit booth technology. The Seamless Panels have "ZERO DEAD ZONE" unlike the standard plasma and LCD's wherein these dead zone lies underneath the unsightly bezels. The Seamless Panels have less that 0.4mm space between each panel when combined to create a gigantic display. Infinine number of panels can be combined to create a display - large enough to break any size barrier you can imagine. Resolution on these Seamless Panels accepts all HD standards, up to UXGA 1600x 1200 detailed pixel resolution, 10000:1 Contrast Ratio, host of input options, flexibility of Mounting on a Floor Stand or mounting on booth wall or ceiling. In-Built Video Wall Features make operating and configuring this video wall a breeze. Popular Rentfusion Video Walls are rented in a 3 x 3 Video Wall combination which offers a HUGE 126" display. Rentfusion can configure the video walls in other creative combinations such as 2 x2, 5 x5, 10 x 10, 1 x 2, 2 x 1 ---we can go on and on. Possibilities are simply endless.

Ok! OK!! Seamless Plasma Video walls are "IN" and my company "MUST RENT" the Seamless Plasma Video Wall in my booth for the next trade show event we are exhibiting at. We are a company that CARES about our IMAGE. But, why only Rentfusion to rent these state of the art video walls? Are these Enourmosuly Expensive? Cant I attempt to hunt down a cheap small av shop and hope to rent this wonderful technolgy on the cheap?

Consider just these few points:

  • Rentfusion Carries a huge inventory of the Newest Model Seamless Plasma Video wall for Rentals. The Warehouses and Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago and New York provide effortless distribution capability to all major convention centers. This state of the art technology does not come cheap. The overall cost after taking into account setup and teardown labor however, in comparision to other option of LED Wall is much less. Further, the likelyhood that a local small av company carrying this product in any decent quatitity, if any at all is slim. The ability of that vendor to effectively support this technology is highly questionable.
  • The nature of these Panels is very Fragile. Rentfusion stocks and transports these panels in custom cases which is a far cry from the wood and foam shipping boxes carried by small av rental companies. Additionally, a spare panel is always on site to avoid the rare instance of a mishap. What would happen if your small av shop got 1 broken panel at the 11th hour to your tradeshow booth? Your months of planning and huge expense on planning the tradeshow exhibit may all go down the drain. likely, that other company will not be able to provide you a replacement in time.
  • Rentfusion has the BEST IN INDUSTRY technicians to install and configure these video wall rentals - bar none. Rentfusion Offers a host of Mounting options, both on the wall, truss or on Custom Fabricated Floor Stands.
  • Rentfusion's huge inventory ensures that you get the BEST EFFECTIVE PRICE on your video wall Rental. Guaranteed!!!
  • Rentfusion offers SMART RENTAL PACKAGES on multiple events - savings that you will not get from any other source. Call today to discuss your options and let Rentfusion take your Exhibit Booth to the NEXT LEVEL.