Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fax Machine Rentals

Telefacsimile’s or Fax Machines are an everyday must for many businesses around the world but I am sure most of them reading this blog over here are not aware about the invention of this wonderful tool which has helped many a businesses to grow so let me start with a brief history about it.

A fax means basically scanning a page to make an electronic representation of its text or graphics, compresses the data to save transmission time, and transmits it to another facsimile machine. The receiving machine decrypts the signal and uses a printer (usually built in) to make a facsimile of the original page. Several people took part in inventing the machine; they include Alexander Bain, Elisha Gray, Arthur Korn, and Edouard Beeline and took almost 140 years for the machine to be implemented in our businesses and day-to-day life. What we are using today is that of a telephone line connected to a printer that will print the page and you may take that along but the original invention goes something like this in the 1843 Alexander Bain from England devised an apparatus by connecting pendulums with 2 pens connected with the wire which showed the writing power of electricity on a conducive surface. Then chipped in Italian physicist Giovanni Caselli who devised pantelegraph based on Bain’s invention of synchronizing apparatus. Then in came Elisha Gray who designed the facsimile transmission system and tried to patent that. But finally when Edouard Beeline of France constructured the Belinograph which involves an image scanned with a powerful cylinder and beam of light that had a photoelectric cell, which could convert light, or the absence of light, into transmittable electrical impulses. Today the core design of facsimile owes to Edouard Beeline and his Belinograph. We have seen a tremendous change in the design as well as the technology and today many companies including Hewlett Packard, Xerox, Panasonic, and a host of others make Fax machines.

But the main point is the cost even though we have come a long way in terms of the design and the technology but still many companies do not have fax machines in their offices and have suffered huge losses. So the biggest question today is what do we do about this? Most of them will say that you should buy a good HP or Panasonic Fax Machines and install that in the office. But let me tell you that these machines are really very costly. They start from $200 and some of the best models goes up to $2000 and above plus the other overhead charges of monthly or weekly maintenance which is more than the cost of acquisition. Why take so much hassles when you can get these Fax Machine Rentals from a trusted name called Rentfusion which also deals in other equipments for rentals like Laptop Rentals, Computer Rentals, Plasma Rentals, Projector Rentals from some of the top brands like Apple, Dell, Sony, HP etc.