Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Industry General

This computer and AV rental industry of ours is a very competitive industry and that is good for customers. However, there are a few companies who drop their p.......nts almost every time to steal or get business and that is terrible for the industry. They end-up changing benchmarks for the industry.

Also, most of the just brokers in this industry are a headache most of the time. They have no equipment and they sell (rent) equipment to clients and then they harass vendors with equipment to provide them equipment and labor at rock bottom prices. This is also terrible for the industry. Everyone gets sucked in this every now and then hoping that they will get more business from them. This can be a good thing if they make a company like ours as preferred vendor and be open to shared revenue.

I also understand they are all free to do whatever they want to get business, but.......